Generally the week’s activities are planned at the start to ensure a good selection of activities indoor and out. At present, my regular weekly visits are:

The week’s activities generally include a selection of structured ‘educational’ play, free play, outdoor activities, playgroup, music, stories, cooking, TV and trips out. I am happy to assist in enabling extra activities to be undertaken if requested. (see trips below). I find the playgroups help the children to meet others and learn important social skills. They also start to make friends as they meet each week.

Indoor activities

Outdoor activities

I have a large, well enclosed garden with the following toys :-


TV is available for ‘quieter’ times in the play room. This normally forms a small part of the day (i.e.  following the tidy up of toys and before tea). Sometimes I sit with the children and discuss the programme which can be very educational and fun for them. Sometimes they simply want to relax, especially if they are tired.


Depending on the ages, I visit toddler, gym and music groups and also trips to local parks and farms.

I am happy to take children to additional activities and will try to meet any requests from parents. For example, in the school holidays the leisure Centre offers various activities i.e. swimming lessons.

Also part of normal life are trips to the school, shops, library, supermarket and garden centre.

During school holidays we make trips out to places of interest, i.e. Washbrook farm, Fishers Farm, Tilgate Park. Parents are advised in advance of these trips. 

I am happy to take children to pre school nursery groups.

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