I am able to provide lunch and a cooked tea. (Breakfast possibly by arrangement) Alternatively parents are welcome to provide their own food for their child. This would be discussed at the initial interview. Generally, a typical week includes a balanced selection of meats, potato, vegetables, pasta, dairy foods and fruit. Also occasional ‘treats’- i.e. on return from the school run the children usually have a biscuit.

 The diet for the child would be discussed and parents wishes taken into consideration.

 Examples of menu served (any child’s favourite meal will be added to the list):-

 Cooked tea

Roast chicken, Chicken/fish goujons, Chicken casserole, Savoury lamb mince, Fish fingers, Beef casserole, Shepherds pie, Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese, Sausages, Hot dogs, Pizza.

 All served with with vegetables i.e. carrots, peas, broccoli, baby sweetcorn, potatoes. 

For the more adventurous, chicken curry, chilli and rice, depending on preference!

Light lunches

Sandwiches(eg ham & cucumber, dairlylea, tuna, turkey, peanut butter, chocolate spread), Soup, Boiled eggs, Baked beans/spaghetti on toast, Scrambled eggs, Egg bread, Cheese on toast



Fromage frais, yoghurt, Banana and custard, Fresh fruit, tinned fruit, Ice cream, Jelly with fruit, Rice pudding, Cake, Ice lolly


As healthy as possible for example - Raisins, bread sticks, fruit, biscuits.



Milk, water. Squash and fruit juice are available depending on parent’s wishes.

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