My Approach


My home is well suited to the children’s needs with lots of space for play. The creative, messy play is generally encouraged in the sun-room (which I use as a craft / painting room for the children). The playroom is a large dedicated room and has a door with direct access to an enclosed part of the garden (which is a favourite, weather permitting!).

I do not have any ‘rules’ but do encourage the children to have basic manners. The children are encouraged to respect each other and their surroundings.

Safety is my main concern. My home fully conforms to Ofsted’s strict safety requirements. I always consider how to protect the children when out and make full use of harnesses and wrist bands when walking near roads. I encourage parents to park in the driveway for collections/drop off.

I believe communication between parents and myself is very important and I will always take time to discuss the children. I summarise the days activities in a short diary for the parents to view.  I will try to accommodate all wishes including additional activities.

Overall my aim is to create a safe, spacious, relaxed atmosphere for the children to use their energy, be creative, develop, have some fun and most importantly be happy!

© Linda Hyde 2005